Chanapa Natt
Natt Chanapa
Natt Chanapa aka Nong Natt Kesarin, among others, is the most famous of Thai adult models. With her comic book figure she quickly shot to the top of the Thai porn industry. Mostly she modelled for softcore publications and appeared on such sites as Asian4you and 88Square where her photosets were among the most downloaded of all time. Natt Chanapa's figure is ridiculously proportioned and could only be from that of a deal with the devil. Massive and perky breasts, so busty yet so firm and still they look natural in a way that so many of the Asian American pornstars couldn't achieve with their plastic tits that wouldn't jiggle in an earthquake. Now add Nong Natt's famous breasts to her skinny waist, light skin and incredulously, a bubble butt and she has the ingredients of the hottest girls imagined in any Japanese manga book. Asian chicks aren't noted for having...
Natt Chanapa Natt Chanapa
sexy bubble butts, yet Natt has defied her genetic makeup and sits on one very fine ass. Sadly Natt's career has been put on hold for the past year or so due to the legal trouble she found herself in. The Thai government had discovered Natt Chanapa had ventured into hardcore pornography when a certain Pattaya hotel porn video started circulating hardrives and water cooler conversations in the government halls of Bangkok. Porn may be illegal in Thailand but it is still easily available either in open air markets on VCD, DVD or from the internet, the Thai government just doesn't have the resources to enforce mny of their laws. Unfortunately for Natt her fame is what seperated her porn video from all the others shot in Thailand and Thai justice was forced to take action. In the end, after a very public trial she was let off with a slap on the wrist but warned that such behaviour in the future would bring more dire consequences. So the public part of her professional life is on hold until she at sometime builds up the nerve to venture out again and accept her dozens of job offers and modelling contracts. We may not have to wait much longer as I know personally the line banging at her door is long and the offers tempting. So lets hope for our sake she breaks and we get to see all new material from this Siamese beauty before she lands herself back in trouble.
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Natt Chanapa
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Natt Chanapa pic
Natt Chanapa pic Natt Chanapa pic Natt Chanapa pic
Natt Chanapa Natt Chanapa

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