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Also known as Natt Kesarin here are some more samples from her work at AsiaNude4You where, again, she's known as Isabella Wong. You'll no doubt recognize another half dozen beauties at AsiaNude4you, as they feature many of the most popular nude models in Asia. They always use different names (usually Chinese) so its hard to find your favorite girls there, but it makes the search all the more fun and when browsing through the over 500 girls they have on the site you're bound to bump into a few you know from other sites. You will also see they shoot some great erotic content throwing a male model or 2nd female performer into the mix. Some of these sets come very close to hardcore and I think thats what makes them so hot. They're a real tease and sometimes you will catch them breaking those Hong Kong censorship rules and see a guys pole slip into a girls hole now and again. Only complaint I had about this site was there was so many models my head would spin. It's easily the biggest archive of Asian nude models on the internet, and it's all exclusive.
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