Natt Chanapa News and Information
January 28, 2008
It's confirmed! Natt has returned to doing nude modelling and Thai Cuties is the first website to feature her in a double debut; her return and their first time featuring her. Here are some sample images from what I'm told will be the first of 5 full photo sets with the rest being released over the coming month and a further 5 being released before the end of the year.
nat kesirin thai cuties Oh Baby Baby!
nong nat thai cuties natt chanapa thai cuties 4
Also being edited are the three videos of her which I hear are very hot, but of course anything of the hottest Thai model on the internet is going to be hot! Look for those videos to be released sometime in the coming months. As more of her photosets are released i will try to give you a little sample of them, so keep us bookmarked and keep checking back!
February 14, 2010 - part 2
There's some possible new stuff of Natt Chanapa being released! Since making the January 28, 2008 report it came to light that those 'new pics' weren't entirely new, they look to be shot by the photographers of iThaiSex and done at the same time, just never released by them. So those pics were new to the web but taken well before they were released by Thai Cuties. But now it seems Thai Cuties has some new unreleased material of her, whether its new new or just newly released remains to be seen. Stay tuned!
February 14, 2010 - part 1
We never got around to posting more information about Asian4you's return to the web. By now most of you Thai babes fans are well aware that The Black Alley is the new Asian4you. But for those of you new schoolers not familiar with the old A4y check out our Natt Chanapa Asian4you page to see the epic amount of pictures and videos they have of her. photographs being edited photographs being edited
January 28, 2008
This just in! Thai Cuties managed to get Natt Chanapa to return for more nude modelling! Just today they've released her first photoset with more to come! And she's super voluptuous this time around.
natt chanapa thai cuties 1
natt chanapa thai cuties 2 natt chanapa thai cuties 3
July 13, 2007
Natt has been pretty inactive since her legal troubles so there's so far no new galleries of photoshoots or videos to report about. There is one rare hardcore video I'm trying to track down. Keep an eye out for that. Also Asian4you will be re-releasing all their old Natt Chanapa pictures, hard series and all. Look for it to be released on The Black Alley in the near future.